Marou - 78% Ben Trou Chocolate Bar
Marou - 78% Ben Trou Chocolate Bar
Marou - 78% Ben Trou Chocolate Bar
Marou - 78% Ben Trou Chocolate Bar

Marou - 78% Ben Trou Chocolate Bar

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In the Ben Tre province, cacao flourishes among lush coconut trees whose height provides shade for warmly spiced cacao with bright notes of green banana.

Arriving in Vietnam in the late 19th century, Ben Tre is the birthplace of cacao in Vietnam. Known also for the premium quality coconuts grown, the Ben Tre province is situated between the two main branches of Mekong Delta's largest river. Barely above sea level, an abundance of fresh water and moist soil make a perfect setting for the growth of Trinitario cacao used to make this dark chocolate bar.

TASTING: dried coconut, spicy aroma, cassia (Chinese cinnamon), peppercorns
PAIRING: barrel aged spirits e.g. whiskey or rum, fortified wines, e.g. sherry or vermouth, dessert wines e.g. madeira or port
CACAO ORIGIN: Vietnam, Ben Tre, Vietnam

Vegan chocolate that is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, egg free, peanut free, nut free.

Marou Chocolat was started by two Frenchmen visiting Vietnam. After a camping trip that left them venturing onto a cacao farm, they were sold on their next adventure, chocolate. They only had minimal everyday kitchen appliances at the time and started testing how to make chocolate in their home kitchen and the rest is history. They work closely with farmers and slow roast the beans in small batches to get the natural flavors from its terroir and let it do all the work. Marou Chocolate is the first bean to bar Vietnamese chocolate maker. Their bars captivate flavours from each region they receive their cacao beans from.

Store in a cool, dry place

80 grams

Crafted by hand in Vietnam