Rose Amélie Revitalizing Milky Body Cream - 150ML

Rose Amélie Revitalizing Milky Body Cream - 150ML

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Give your body a revitalizing treat with our Rose Amélie milky body cream, a tribute to Queen Amélie of Portugal, Benamôr's very first fan. Infused with royal rose extract and organic argan oil, this gorgeously scented milky cream sinks in like no other, hydrating your skin like real rosewater. Irresistible! Suitable for normal skin.

  • 0% Parabens
  • 0% Petroleum
  • 0% Phenoxyethanol
  • Cruelty-free
  • Dermatologically tested

Apply this cream on body skin, spread it gently, and massage, until it is totally absorbed.

Insist on all body parts craving hydration like elbows and knees.

Made in Portugal